Monday, May 19, 2014


Genre: YA Magical Realism
Word Count: 86,000


Seventeen-year-olds Alexandra and Axl Reed may be twins but their interests are as related as baseball and the theatre. Perfect Alexandra is the glorified virgin of Titan Heights; Axl's the renowned punk. They’re always in each other’s faces. 

Until a freak accident puts them in each other's bodies.

Alexandra’s been paying her theatrical dues for years, but after the “magic change,” Axl’s argumentative and carefree ways are going to get him kicked out of Grease rehearsals, very well destroying any chance Alexandra has of performing onstage again. Worse—he drinks. He swears. And, for the love of Fosse, he even rats her hair.

Meanwhile, crass Axl’s been kicking ass at baseball since Little League and he’s finally got a shot at starting for the varsity team. But in his body, Alexandra’s too nice. Too freaking polite. And those jazz hands are going to get her a swirlie. Or worse.

If the twins want to reclaim their bodies and their lives, Axl will have to lose his free-wheeling ways and take on the role of his perfectionist uptight sister, and Alexandra will have to step up to the plate and improvise the part of her brother. They'll have to learn how to relate quickly. Or be the other. Indefinitely.

With the slapstick humor of a campy Broadway song yet the relatable soul of a classic rock ballad, THOSE MAGIC CHANGES will appeal to fans of Grease, Freaky Friday, Glee, baseball, and good ol’ rock and roll.

First 250:

I live for drama.

Guys and Dolls, Oliver, The Wizard of Oz. Last year I played Kim McAfee in Bye Bye Birdie—not the lead, but a pretty sizeable role. I've yet to experience the “big” part, but theatre’s about paying dues, and I’ve paid mine. Understudy, bit parts, dance classes and voice lessons. And now that Mr. Fonda’s selected Grease as this year’s spring musical, I know all that hard work has finally paid off.

I’ll have the best junior year ever if I’m cast as Sandy. I don’t drink or swear. And for the love of Fosse, I never rat my hair. It’s always in a tight ponytail, thank you very much. I spin a circle as I arrive at my locker. I cannot wait to see the cast list!

I'm two swivels into my locker's combination when my brother’s body slams into it. Axl curses and I gasp as Michael Titan shoves him up against his locker. And mine.

“Mess with my girlfriend again, punk, and it’ll be your face in the toilet.”

Axl eggs him on with his cocky little grin. “You mess with my friends, I screw yours, asshole.”

The crowd around us grows exponentially. My claustrophobia’s kicking in. Next, it will be my asthma. I brace myself with my inhaler, focus on controlling my breathing. Especially once Michael squares his shoulders. His very broad shoulders.

“You can shut your mouth now. Punk.”

“Make me.” Axl blows a spike of hair off his forehead. “Dick.”


  1. Yesssss! I LOVE this story! Good luck, Alison!

  2. I'd love to see more of this one. Caryn Wiseman

  3. Please send me more of this one. Ginger Knowlton