Monday, May 19, 2014

Team Kimberly #5: FRAMED

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 100k


When Salt Lake Trib reporter and aspiring novelist Callie Burkhardt started a Ross Dexter fan blog, she didn't anticipate her alter-ego, “Dex's Next Ex,” would become a social media darling and the source for snarky fun and gossip about filmdom's premier golden boy. Landing a contract to write Dex’s biography seems too good to be true, but it’s a step closer to her dream. An added bonus is finding a kindred spirit in Dex’s cousin, handsome A-list restaurateur Jace, a Texas farm boy dropped hard into Hollywood's fast lane. 

As Callie digs deeper into Dex’s life, she learns things don’t add up in this glamorous world filled with debauchery and deceit. Especially where Dex’s wife Diana is concerned, a beautiful porn-star-turned-entrepreneur with a talent for blackmail. What Callie uncovers fuels her fear that there’s far more to why they chose her to tell their story. Both she and Jace want to leave L.A. and pursue their careers on their own terms instead of the Dexters’. Unfortunately, "happily ever after" isn't the ending Diana has in mind for Jace and Callie, forcing them to face a hard truth—one that could destroy their happiness and put not only their careers on the line, but their lives.

First 250:

Callie Burkhardt gave her lens a clockwise twist, the answering zoom framing her quarry inside the viewfinder. Her index finger hovered, waiting for that perfect shot. She considered her subject, the face that barely hinted at the man’s penchant for Hollywood excess. He looked good for someone sliding toward forty.

Ross Dexter, known far and wide as simply “Dex,” gripped the bottom of his designer t-shirt and winked at the female fan in front of him. His biceps flexing, he lifted the garment enough to expose his legendary abs. The low riding waistband of his jeans sat comfortably on his hips, just below the sharp line of his well-defined obliques, revealing a good measure of a golden blond treasure trail.

So much for the man’s very public attempt to transform his reputation. His man-whore moves were too ingrained.

She steadied the lens in her palm, shifting it enough to cut the fan from the photo.


The actor’s eyes held a lascivious glint. He threw his head back, too-white teeth flashing as he laughed at the fan’s reaction.


These would be gold.

The frame went black. Callie glanced over the top of her camera to a broad chest inside a business suit. His Sundance lanyard said SECURITY. She lifted her eyes to a tanned face before stopping short at a pair of deep-set hazel eyes lined by thick gold-tipped lashes.

“No cameras. Can’t you read the signs?”

“I have clearance.” Callie bristled and flashed her press credentials. “Salt Lake Trib. Now move.”

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