Thursday, April 17, 2014


Category/Genre: YA Fantasy

Word Count: 87,000

Pitch: Olivia investigates the attempted theft of her mentor’s invention, which could revolutionize scientific philosophy. When she discovers the culprit is an Academic from a prestigious university, stopping him means giving up her dream of attending.

If my main character were an easter egg, what flavor would he/she be and why? Like a Kinder egg, Olivia seems quiet and ordinary but is full of wonderful surprises.


The campus of the University of Athenia was spectacularly ordinary, bordering on utterly mediocre. Though a blanket of snow hid much of the grounds, the mismatched classroom buildings and laboratories remained visible, standing stalwartly along the south bank of the frozen Codswallop River. Here and there, a few dead sprigs of ivy poked up from the snow, evidence of a mad attempt to scale one of the plain brick walls and the failure that had followed.

Olivia Lear walked across the university quadrangle, the cold nipping at her legs through the holes in her stockings. She tried to keep an open mind as she peered around, looking for the positive attributes of the place. The clocktower, she decided, was the U of A’s most attractive feature. It sprouted up to her left from a pale stone building. A glass window into its innards revealed the ticking, turning mass of gears that kept time for the university. The two spade-tipped hands indicated that it was almost one o’clock. Olivia quickened her step.

Straight ahead, a cloud of white billowed into the sky from the chimneys of the university’s steam-power station, made thick and fleecy by the cold air. Below it sat a rectancular building of somber grey stone. The snow piled up on its windowsills gave Olivia the impression that it was watching her with skeptical, narrowed eyes. She looked back at it in much the same way. The crumpled piece of paper in her hand indicated that her interview with Professor Christopher Cavalier was to take place on the second floor of Kedleston Hall. This same name was chiseled into the stone beside the doorway. Tucking the letter into her pocket, Olivia stepped inside out of the cold.

The yellowed walls and white-tiled floor of the entryway to Kedleston Hall conveyed the same practiced indifference as the building’s exterior.

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