Thursday, April 17, 2014


Category/Genre: MG MYSTERY

Word Count: 33,000 
Pitch: Thirteen-year-old Lizzy Kirkland inherited an ancestor’s name and link to a dark Navajo spirit. Lizzy must act fast to solve the mystery of her ancestor’s fate, before a tragic family history repeats itself.

If my main character were an easter egg, what flavor would he/she be and why? Lizzy is an Easter egg with a hard chocolate surface and gooey caramel inside. She tries her best to present a perfectly smooth finish to the outside world, but there is a sticky mess of unresolved emotions just underneath.

Lizzy wasn’t used to how dark it got in the country, but after the last eight months it would take more than a dark night to scare her. Still, every few moments she turned around to shine the flashlight behind them. Just in case. 

Sneaking through the dark, Lizzy felt like a hunter, which in a way she was. It was a hunt for answers to the strange noises only she could hear, to her belongings moving around her room on their own, to why she never felt like she was completely alone.

And then she looked down.

“What exactly do country people have against cement anyway?” Lizzy whispered in a huff. Even in the dim light of her flashlight, she could see that the Vans she just got for her birthday were covered in the red dust of Carolina clay. Her mom told her not to get white ones. Lizzy hated when her mom was right.

“Why didn’t you wear different shoes?” Hannah whispered back.

Lizzy rolled her eyes. She hadn’t said anything out loud about her shoes, but that didn’t matter. Hannah could almost always read Lizzy’s mind. Hannah said it was because she was more in tune with the universe than Lizzy, whatever that meant. So Lizzy had no clue why Hannah was acting so unfazed by the dark and the general creepiness of what they were about to do.

“It’s this way.” Lizzy walked to the middle of the burial plot. There were fourteen headstones, but she was only interested in one.

“There.” Lizzy shone her flashlight directly on the stone. She started at the top so Hannah could see the carved figure of a sleeping lamb. Then Lizzy lowered the light to the engraving.

“Eliza Jayne Kirkland,” read Hannah. “Creepy. Even the middle name is the same as yours.”


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