Thursday, April 17, 2014


Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Suspense

Word Count: 90,000

Pitch: Desperate for redemption for failing to save her partner’s life, DEA agent Ellis must track the killer in secret, gain the trust of a lethal drug dealer, and survive colleague betrayal before more agents die.

If my main character were an easter egg, what flavor would he/she be and why? Deanna Ellis would be a pecan flavored egg because she's southern with a tough exterior.


Fifteen days after the worst night of her life, DEA agent Deanna Ellis stood outside the dark entrance of O’Grady’s Bar in Atlanta. The neon sign above the wooden door buzzed an incomprehensible beat with the O flashing at random. The air hung heavier than a typical June evening, the result of a hard afternoon rain.

Ellis inhaled an unsteady breath, moved her hand to the brass doorknob, and stopped. Her thoughts replayed her partner’s funeral she attended a few hours earlier. She turned to Senior Special Agent David Ambers. Her boss had changed into a fresh white shirt for his black suit. His brown curly hair kinked tighter when wet.

“You okay?” Ambers asked. His musk cologne filled her with warmth and teased reassurance.

“I still don’t understand why I can’t be involved with the investigation,” Ellis said.

He sighed, his brown-eyed gaze softening. “Let’s not get into this now. Everyone’s waiting.”

Her trembling fingers clenched. She didn’t want to go inside.

Ambers escorted her across the threshold.

Two dozen pairs of eyes studied her. Colleagues, all passing judgment. On the landing, three steps higher than anyone else, Ellis’ shoulders sagged under their scrutiny. After hours of interrogation, the official report concluded she acted with courage. No fault rested with her, yet she continued to doubt her conscience.

She did everything possible that night, didn’t she? The cocaine buy had to be in the clearing, close to where Ricky Reyes’ thugs delivered the product to shore. With the van’s high beams blinding her, she aimed and shot the best she could. Hadn’t she?

No one knew the horrible words Ellis had said to her best friend and partner those moments before everything happened, how she’d cut Leigh off, made her muck up.


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