Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update on Me!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update--I've been a little MIA lately and will continue to be so through out the holidays. I'm still around on FB/Twitter if you need me, but I'll be taking a brief hiatus to focus on my family, the house (like cleaning & laundry & all the stuff that doesn't get done when writing), reading, and some fun projects like this....

I hand painted our powder room. I cut out a stencil, penciled the pattern on the wall, and then painted it. Easy but time consuming.

I did manage to swing by YallFest on November 9th. As usual, it was a blast! And even more so this year because I got to meet Dannie Morin in person. For those of you who don't know, Dannie participated in Trick or Treat w/Agents last year. I loved her pitch so much that I begged her to let me read the entire MS. She ended up landing her agent (Batman aka Thao Le) a few months later, but more importantly (to me anyway) she became a CP and friend. Love her to pieces!

I hope those of you doing NaNo are kicking butt! Or if you're like me and are taking things a bit easier this month, maybe you're getting some laundry done too! :)

Much love!

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