Monday, October 28, 2013

Trick or Treat K5- NAMELESS

Title: Nameless
Category: YA 
Genre: Fairytale Retelling
Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: When the prince of Tasmar turns away an old woman who is truly an Enchantress in disguise, she curses him into a Beast with the deadline to find true love within the year or die. Refusing to associate his hideous form with his own name, and believed dead by all who knew him, the now Nameless prince must find his betrothed, Mirabelle, and help her see past the monster to the man beneath. However, when Mirabelle falls for another, Beast must learn not only how to let go of a love that was never meant to last, but how to find true love—if it exists.

Question 1: In your MC's voice, what costumed character do you relate most to and why? Many would blatantly assume that a werewolf or some other mongrel would describe me, but describing and relating are entirely different. Instead, like a mummy, I am a creature caught between two worlds, and might as well be dead since I’m of no use alive.

Question 2: As an author, what makes your manuscript a tasty treat (aka unique/marketable)? Fairytales have been told and retold over the years, but few authors have considered what these stories look like from the prince’s perspective, excluding Alex Flynn with Beastly, and Donna Jo Napoli in Beast. While Flynn’s novel is set in the modern day with some darker, serious content, and Napoli’s is set in Persia with religious undertones, Nameless has a traditional setting with humorous undertones which fans of the original fairytales will enjoy.

First 250 Words: 
Everyone knows my name.

My guests, all two hundred of them, whisper it as I glide down the grand staircase into the golden ballroom. And why shouldn’t they know my name? I am their prince, the future king of Tasmar. Exactly one year from now when I turn nineteen, I will inherit the throne.

The crowds converge, skirts pressing around me as thick as a rose garden. Jewels twinkle on wrists and hands as they shake mine. I note the rare Tasmarian emeralds set in Meldovian gold—gold that has been rarer since our war with Meldova, and therefore, worth twice as much. It’s pathetic how everyone hides behind their gems. Do they think it will impress me?

My subjects drift left and right to reveal Mirabelle. She stands, exquisite, in an elegant red gown made from Banaternian silk. It hugs her slender waist before the skirts cascade in shimmering layers of scarlet and white. Her dripping lace sleeves ripple as she shakes them away to free her hand, which she extends to me. I take it, and kiss her slender fingers. As she laughs, my fingers entwine with hers. 

“Everyone has been waiting.” Her free hand slides up to my shoulder. Fingering my matching red vest, she offers me a coy smile. “I assume by now you’ve finished exploring your new castle? How do you like your present to yourself, my prince?” Her fingers drift up to brush the foremost prong of my bronze crown, inset with perfectly cut emeralds, each the size of my thumb.

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