Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Agents' Unmasked!


Velma Dinkley is:
Stacey Donaghy with Donaghy Literary Group

Ms. Harlequin is: 

Ammi-Joan Paquette with the Erin MurphyLiterary Agency.

Princess Leia is:
Hannah Bowman with Liza Dawson Associates.

Annie Oakley is:

Roseanne Wells with The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency


The Tardis is:
Natalie Lakosil with Bradford Literary Agency

Rose from Dr. Who is:
Jordy Albert with the Booker Albert Literary Agency.

Now, let's give a big thank you to our six fabulous agents, without whom this contest would never have happened. Thank you all for your participation and for picking such great costumes!

Happy Halloween!

*Participants- if you received a request, please email the contest address and wait for submission instructions.*

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  1. Thanks to all the agents and blog hosts and behind the scenes readers! I had a wonderful time with awesome company along the way! Chocolates to all of you!