Friday, May 31, 2013

Speak Easy Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Cover Designed by: Tom Barnes Design 

Dear Lord, this cover is stunning! I'm a huge fan of anything set in the 20's, so you can bet I'll be buying this sucker on July 22nd when it releases. 

About Speak Easy:
July, 1923. The ‘20s are roaring, and twenty-year-old Tiny O’Mara is desperate for a little anything-goes excitement. But when her father is kidnapped by a mobster in Detroit's exploding organized crime scene, she’s shocked to find herself caught up in the bootlegging wars of Prohibition—and torn between two gorgeous gangsters on opposite sides.

To save her father’s life, she’ll have to choose between them. But deciding whom to trust isn’t easy in a world where everyone wants something—be it booze, money, power, or sex—and no one cares what it takes to get it.

Temptation is everywhere.

Giveaway: The author is offering a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card to celebrate her new novel.

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About the Author:

Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her lipstick red, and her history with the naughty bits left in. SPEAK EASY was inspired by her cocktail-culture obsession, her affection for good gin, and the view from the end of her street. She lifts her glass to NA readers and writers from her home near Detroit, MI.

Author social media links:
Twitter: @MelanieHarlow2

Thursday, May 23, 2013

NA Rundown & Giveaway

Hello my lovely readers,

Things are about to get really exciting on this blog! Lots of news and giveaways coming your way.

And today we're going to talk a little bit about New Adult. Most people outside of the writing world have no clue what I'm talking about when I tell them The Apollo Academy is a new adult science fiction novel. They're like huh? What's that mean?

A quick review of New Adult(NA):

  • NA characters are usually between 18-25 years old. (though there are exceptions) But it's basically the transition time from teenager into adult.
  • These characters are experiencing life on their own for the first time. Moving out/Going to College/First serious relationships/Loss of innocence/Discovery of sexuality/Drug Abuse/First job/etc.
  • Some of you are probably wondering why is this such a big thing right now? Aren't there books that already fit this description? The answer to that is YES! New Adult has been around for a while, hidden either as a Young Adult novel or an Adult fiction novel.  In fact a lot of YA novels I love, I would actually now consider NA. It's only emerging as its own category now because readers are finally shouting out that they want to read more in this age range.
  • When people ask: Why are there no parents in YA? I think a lot of times that's because the author wanted to be able to put their characters in what we would now call NA scenarios. Having to make big decisions without a parent figure, etc.
  • As with any category, there are genres within New Adult. The most popular NA novels right now are contemporary, but that will quickly change as we see Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/etc. emerge. (Speaking of fabulous NA Scifi, add The Apollo Academy to your GoodReads shelf. Comes out 8.6.13) <---Sorry, couldn't help myself.
So now that we know a little more about NA, let's have an NA giveaway! YAY!

Those who enter must have a Kindle or Nook to redeem this prize. All prizes will be electronically delivered. Please review terms & conditions before entering.  
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Cover Reveal- Addicted to You

BAM! Another hot NA cover.
Addicted to You by Colina Brennan

 When twenty-one-year-old Leah Carter's latest one night stand burglarizes her apartment, her roommate forces her to attend therapy for sex addicts. Leah insists she isn't a sex addict; she just doesn't do relationships. After all, sooner or later, everyone lets you down.

At first, the group sessions are little more than an education on how to be promiscuous. Until she meets the newest addict—blue eyes, killer body, and a smile that tempts relapse.

Psychology student Will McLean is posing as a fellow addict while researching a case study on unusual addictions. But the more he learns about Leah, the more certain he is that his desire to break through her walls and unearth her secrets has nothing to do with his assignment.

As the uncertainties spike alongside the sexual tension, the only thing Leah knows for sure is that falling in love would be disastrous. Too bad love might be one addiction she can't kick.

Add to Goodreads:

Author bio:
 Colina Brennan is a new adult writer with a love for the fantastical and the romantic. When she isn’t writing, she’s attached at the hip to her kids or chasing her dog or daydreaming about what she wants to write next.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

That time I turned down a pub offer for Indie!

I made one of the hardest and scariest decisions of my life last week....

I turned down a publishing offer and decided to self publish instead.

So I'm sure a lot of you are thinking this right now:
And that's okay, sometimes I think I'm crazy for doing this too. But mostly I feel brave, relieved, and so incredibly hopeful. This wasn't a decision I made easily or one I even had to make alone. I made it with my family, friends, and agent behind me. 

I can't think of a more exciting time to go Indie. The publishing world is changing and maybe I'll be a part of that. The snark between "Big Publisher" and "Indie" supporters needs to stop. There is no one right way, only the right way for YOU. And under different circumstances, I could see myself making a different decision.

Here's how this all came about:
Getting published is what I've dreamed about for the past two years. The reason why I searched for an agent and went out on submission. I always knew going Indie was an incredibly wonderful option, but I also believed in publishing houses and all they had to offer. Still Do.

I couldn't have possibly foreseen my decision until I was presented with it.

No one really talks about the submission process and that's probably because it's an emotional roller coaster. One I knew I couldn't ride for very long. If you want a rundown on how I was during this time, click here.

While I was out on submission, New Adult hit the market big. Most of you don't know this, but my main characters in The Apollo Academy were originally 18,19, and 22. And because that wasn't a sell-able genre, I made the decision to change my story for a younger age group.

At some point, I began to wonder if I made a mistake changing my story just so I could have a better chance at selling it. Right when I gathered the courage to talk to my agent about it, I got an email saying an editor wanted to chat about my book. A few days later, we had an offer. I was thrilled! Over the moon! Finally, someone loved my book as much as I did and was willing to put themselves behind it. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the editor and the offer. They believed in me and The Apollo Academy.

Turning that down was seriously HARD. I actually think saying yes would have been the easier choice. Support. Backing. Prestige. Cover design. Editing. Marketing. But the offer also forced me to really think about what I wanted. And when it came down to it, I wanted a lot of things.

My agent and I spent about 2 hours on the phone thoroughly discussing the pros and cons of both choices. When I got off the phone I knew I had a big decision to make, but it was such a relief knowing that whatever I decided, Brittany would support it. Between her and my husband, I had the strength to say YES to what I thought was best for me.

That doesn't mean I'm not frightened. Sometimes I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew. I worry mostly about the snark I'll receive because people won't understand my decision. Those who will think I was forced into going Indie because I wasn't good enough.

But this IS my choice.

"Don't let fear make your decisions for you. Be insatiable for adventure, passionate about your dreams, and bold in your choices!" (-personal friend of mine)

I hope you all will support me in this new endeavor.

I've spread my wings and now it's time to fly....

The Apollo Academy will release 8/6/2013. It's up on GoodReads, so go add it to your shelf! BONUS: I'll give away a free introductory flight lesson on my blog when we hit 500 adds!

Friday, May 3, 2013

SLEEPER by S.M. Johnston Cover Reveal

We're taking the kiddo to Disney World this weekend, so I've decided to leave you all with a fabulous cover reveal while I'm away!

SLEEPER (Book I in the Toy Soldiers series) by S. M. Johnston comes out December 2, 2013 with Entranced Publishing.

For those of you looking for a fabulous NA to read, be sure to pick this one up! It's NA Speculative Fiction.

About the book: After a life saving heart transplant, eighteen-year-old Mishca Richardson is plagued by nightmares and an urgent desire to find her birth parents, which she puts down to post-operation depression. But her new heart seems to bring more than a second chance at life in the form of speed, strength and love at first sight.
About the Author:
Sharon is a writer from Mackay in Queensland, Australia who has short stories published in anthologies and was also runner-up in the Australian Literary Review's Young Adult short story contest with KARMA. By day she is a public relations executive and by night she writes weird fiction and soulful contemporaries while her husband, two sons and cat are fast asleep.

You can follow her here:
Facebook page: