Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alternate K5- ROGUE HEALER

NAME: Laura Rueckert
MENTOR: Deana Barnhart
TITLE: Rogue Healer
GENRE: YA Light Sci-Fi
WORD COUNT: 80,000

35 WORD PITCH: Stay away from humans. Easy for Lexi—until she falls for Garrett. Her species can't survive without donor bodies, and he'd be perfect. But preventing Garrett's donation means betraying her people...and risking the Council's wrath.

FIRST 250:
I knew it was rude to eavesdrop, but I'd gotten used to it. When you had as few friends as I did—meaning none—you had to get your information from somewhere.

"Bet Ben is going to flip," Trow said to Beth.

"Why?" Beth asked.

Feigning preoccupation with my textbook, I slunk after them into Modern History class.  

"He has major issues with Relatives," Trow continued. "And Mrs. Knapp is going to introduce us to one."

Just inside the door, I stopped cold. Introduction to a Relative? That was impossible. My mouth went dry, and if I hadn't known better, I would have thought my heart had stopped too.

Someone behind me didn't notice me standing stupidly in the way and smacked into my back. I whirled around. It was the new guy who'd been sitting in the back of the classroom since last week.

"Sorry," I stammered, as my brain scrambled for composure.

New Guy offered a little smile and opened his mouth to say something, but Mrs. Knapp blew into the classroom and motioned for us to sit down.

All of the seats were taken except two. The new guy rushed to the one at the rear window.  The seat I wanted. That left one right in the middle for me.

As I lowered myself into the chair, I surveyed the room. If the truth really came out, I'd have to make it past twelve students to get to the door or ten to escape through the window. 

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