Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alternate K3- THE MEMORY BOX

NAME: Sarah E. Robinson
TITLE: The Memory Box
GENRE: YA Contemporary
WORD COUNT: 84,000

35 WORD PITCH: Her brother’s obituary, the name of her mother’s therapist, and beer tabs are all items Cassie’s saved in THE MEMORY BOX.  And Travis Beck – a mixture of dimples and bruises – holds the secret why.

250 WORDS:

Object:      Glow Bracelet
Obtained:   Chase Morgan’s spring break party
Memory:    Meghan said Chase wanted to meet at midnight, so we tip-toed through the house and sprinted across my front lawn to his jeep waiting at the corner. We entered the party exchanging five dollar bills for glow bracelets. This allowed us access to the keg and alerted the boys to which girls were drinking. Talking, joking, dancing, drinking games, and then my mother busted through the front door.

Sitting in church on the first Sunday of September, I watched as familiar faces filtered in through the arched doorway to my far right.  Besides my frame of mind, it was like any other Sunday I’d spent in this church since my birth.  There were the same wooden paneled walls, the same golden carpet blanketing the floor, and the same hard pews I cursed at every week, for sixteen years.   

I closed my eyes and opened my ears to the peaceful hymn floating down from the sound system above me, hoping it would calm my mood. 

It didn’t work. 

In an attempt to amuse myself, I pulled out a pen and started to doodle on the church program in my lap, decorating the corners with paisleys, hearts, and flowers.  Pastor Grey’s sermon was titled, Inviting God to Fight your Battles.  I wondered if I invited Him to fight my mother, if he’d help. 

Using the words on the program, I started to make acrostic poems.

C  assie
H  ates
R  ules !!
I   s being
S  lowly
T  ortured   

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