Wednesday, January 23, 2013


NAME: Tamara Walsh
MENTOR: Kimberly Chase
TITLE: Against The Falling Moons
GENRE: YA SciFi Romance
WORD COUNT: 95,000

35 WORD PITCH: When Auri falls through a rip in her world and lands on Earth with amnesia, the boy she loved risks his life to follow-but the most dangerous thing Auri can do is remember him.

FIRST 250:

Ten years earlier...

      Digger’s terror hits me as soon as I glide out of the trees and see him. My doggy is atop a nearby hill, the yellowish light of the Rip hovering behind him like a giant mouth. Knowing my suspension-board won’t fly this close to it, I leap down. Digger’s fear hurts, like a needle poking my brain. He’s trapped and, as I run towards him, I feel what Digger feels--the mesmerized urge to throw myself in the Rip. Tears fill my eyes, but I focus on the thin silver thread in my mind that ties me to Luc. It throbs steadily, like a rope wrapped around me, keeping me safe. 
I stop at the base of the hill, afraid I’ll give into the Rip’s hypnosis if  I keep going. My heart beats like a caged bird. What now? There’s nothing but relief when an adult steps from the nearby forest.  But, in the silvery light of the Thrice-Moon I see the emotion-trails streaming off him. They’re black, like smoke. Black. He walks towards me and I scream in terror, “Diggy! Come on!”
Diggy topples over, sound asleep. I blink in confusion, then I’m climbing towards him and the Rip is grabbing me…tugging me…
“Luc. Luc. Luc.” I chant his name, like it will keep me safe from the gaping mouth of the Rip in front of me and the shadowy trails of the man behind me.

But it doesn't. It doesn't keep me safe at all. In the end, it’s only a name.

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