Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alternate K10- DREAM MAKER

NAME: Mandie Baxter
MENTOR: John Hansen
TITLE: Dream Maker
GENRE: YA spec-fic

35 WORD PITCH: Mason knows what he has to do: find the Dreamer, save the world. Easy until he meets Avery, a Dreamer powerful enough to save the world—or, if the Dream Catchers find her, destroy it.

FIRST 250:
Dad’s fist connects with the left side of my rib cage. The blow knocks me off balance and I collapse on my back, all the air that hadn’t already escaped forced out of my lungs. He appears above me, eyes tight, lips pulled into a thin line. He watches me. Waiting to see what I’ll do next.

"Again," I say through clenched teeth as I pick myself up off the ground. My clothes are caked in mud, soaked through to my skin from the melting snow. He’s knocked me on my ass today more times than I care to count. Or admit. Most days I put up a better fight. Though it’d be easier if the Company hadn’t assigned my dad as my mentor, but maybe that’s the point.

"The problem is, Mason," Dad says, crouching into a fighting stance, "you're thinking too much. You’ve got to relax. Your life, as well as the lives of the Dreamers, depends solely on you."

"Like I don’t know that,” I say. Of course I do. I’m the one being shipped south. I’m the one risking my life.

Dad shifts his stance slightly, his body language telling me to charge. I run at him as fast as my bruised legs will allow, but he dodges my attack and it’s not long before he hits me. Hard. My body slams into the ground. I lay down on the cool earth until my breaths stop coming in gasps.

"You know what to do, most days." 

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