Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pitch Wars Selection

Phew...what a crazy few weeks it's been. I don't have the final number count, but I do know we had well over 1000 applicants for Pitch Wars. Y'all are rockin these contests! Thank you for helping make Pitch Wars so awesome!

I also want to thank everyone who pitched to me personally. I seriously think I had some of the most well written pitches we received (YAY!), ultimately making my job SO much harder (Boo!). In fact, I had an incredibly hard time getting it down to my top 10 picks. I so wish I could have picked more of you. Please know I have high hopes for ALL of you. YOU are talented. YOU have what it takes. NEVER give up. Just keep reaching for the stars!

Without further ado, the following are my final Pitch Wars picks.

Melissa Hurst (YA SciFi)- THE EDGE OF FOREVER. Dual POV's are very hard to pull off, but Melissa's dual POV query was outstanding. Her premise and writing are solid. SOLD!

Dannie Morin (YA Contemp)- IMPERFECTLY FINE. This girls' query and opening pages blew me away. She had me crying within the first five pages. In fact, it was so solid that I wasn't sure there was anything to actually coach.

Tamara Walsh (YA SciFi Romance)- AGAINST THE FALLING MOONS. Tamara's premise is really interesting, but I think it was all the swoon worthy romance that had me paying attention. 

Be sure to thank Brenda Drake for organizing such a wonderful contest.


  1. Thanks so much for choosing me as an alternate, Kim!! :) I'm very honored!!!

    And congrats to Melissa Hurst and Dannie Morin. I haven't read Melissa's query, but I remember Dannie's query/first five from Write On and she is awesome!

  2. I appreciate the personalized response. It was encouraging and that's the best an aspiring writer can hope for.

  3. Your personalized response was really nice, and I am glad that we had the opportunity to share our pitches with you. Your first choice and alternates are you very lucky. :)

  4. Thank you so much for the personalized response. The encouragement was greatly appreciated. :)

  5. So cool of you to give back to the writerly world. :D

  6. awesome!!! guess i missed a great thing :( new follower, hi!!

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