Friday, November 9, 2012

Word Battle Part Deux

Word battle distinguishes the differences between words that are often confused with one another. Go here for Round One:

Round One: Advice vs. Advise
Advice is a noun meaning  an opinion given with the intention of helping. A suggestion. A recommendation. Example- I am seeking your advice because you are more experienced in such matters. 

Advise is a verb meaning to give counsel or advice. Example- The meteorologist advised listeners to stay indoors because of the extremely cold temperatures.

Round Two: Ascent vs. Assent
Ascent is an upward movement, physical or abstract. The act of rising. Example- The plane began its ascent to 10,000 feet.

Assent means agreement or acquiesce. Example- He gave his assent to his daughter’s engagement.

Round Three: Capital vs. Capitol
Capital is where the seat of government is. Example- The capital of the United States is Washington DC. Capital can also mean wealth.

Capitol (usually capitalized) is the actual building in which the government and legislature meets. Example- We will travel to the Capitol this weekend.

Round Four: Desert vs. Dessert
Desert to abandon (verb); a hot, sandy place (noun). Example (verb)- Steven deserted the army when they wouldn't allow him to pierce his nose.

Dessert is the sweet course of a meal. Cake, ice cream, etc. Example- For dessert, I made chocolate chip cookies.

Round Five: Wreak vs. Wreck
Wreak means to cause damage. Most commonly used as the idiom To wreak havoc. Example- The tornado wreaked havoc with their plans for a vacation at the beach. It is only possible to wreak damage, destruction, etc.

Wreck means to damage severely, destroy. It's used most often to refer to traffic accidents, and simply means a thing that has been ruined or broken. Example- The tornado wrecked half the town.

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  1. My fifth grade teacher gave me the best reminder for desert/dessert. Dessert has a double s because you always want a second helping of dessert, but not of desert!