Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trick or Treat with Agents Rules. Submissions open Oct. 24th at 11AM EDT

To enter, your manuscript MUST be completed and ready for submission. Accepting MG, YA, and Adult--all fiction genres. (NO Erotica or Memoir)

How to Enter:

Step 1: Compose an Email

Step 2: Address the email to

Step 3: In the subject line put your- Category, Genre, Title, Word Count                                                                     

Example: YA, SciFi, The Apollo Academy, 84,000

Step 4: In the body of the email, include your Name, 3 sentence pitch, Answer to question 1, Answerto question 2,  and the first 200 words. Please leave your contact email at the bottom.

  • Remember to answer question 1 and 2 in 2 sentences or less.
  • If the 200th word ends in the middle of a sentence, please finish the sentence.
An automatic delivery receipt will be sent to everyone who enters the contest.

Those who make the first 150 entries after 11AM EDT on October 24th and follow guidelines will then receive another email letting them know they made it into the contest. Please note this may take some time to receive.

The top 36 pitches will post at midnight on October 29th and will remain online until midnight October 31st. 12 pitches per blog. 

Agents will request "candy" in the comment section. Any kind of sugar candy (Skittles, Starbursts, etc) means you've gotten a partial request and chocolate candy (Snickers, M&Ms, etc) means you've gotten a full manuscript request. Agents can comment on as many entries they like. AND multiple agents can request on the same pitch, so you might find your bag full of treats!

Costumed agents will be revealed at 6PM EDT on October 31st.

Anyone who receives candy, should email into for further submission instructions. You will then receive an email with the correct submission guidelines to follow. DO NOT contact the agent without getting the guidelines first.

Please No Commenting on the pitches. This is an Agent Comment Only contest.

And last but not least, if you don't make the first 150 or are not chosen in the top 36, please remember that this industry is incredibly subjective. In fact, you may want to go read my post: How an Online Writing Contest Brought Me to Tears. Then note that I had an offer 3 weeks after I wrote that. My agent didn't come from a contest, but from the good old fashioned way, a query letter in the slush pile. 


  1. So exciting! I'm working on my answers and wished it was the 24th already:)

  2. Thanks for hosting, and for noting that your agent didn't find you in a contest. Joined your blog-wishing you the best as your ms gets shopped around.

  3. Hi Kim!

    Question: for the 200 word sample, should we include a few extra words to finish a sentence? Although mine came to more like 212 words, so that may be too many. Or should we just stop before we go over 200?

  4. Hi Jessica,

    If it's over 210 words, I'd finish it with the sentence before. We want everyone to be as close to 200 words as possible without stopping mid-sentence whether that's at 195 words or 205 words.

  5. Well, I hit send instead of save to drafts for my submission! I guess that will teach me to "be prepared"! After reading your post about some of your contest mishaps, I feel better. =)

  6. Hi Kim. I don't mean to seem contrary, but above the instructions are to have our names (and contact info) at the bottom of the email, but there's a diagram
    somewhere else that shows our names at the top. Should we do both?

    1. Hi. Yes, I see that now. That's just an inconsistency on my part. So really it doesn't matter where you put your name. No one will be disqualified for having their name "in the wrong place." Top, bottom, middle just make sure you include it. Thanks for being thorough though.

      I'll go adjust the post now!

    2. Thanks, Kim! See you tomorrow!