Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trick or Treat w/ Agents Submissions IS CLOSED

Submissions for Trick or Treat with Agents is CLOSED

To enter, your manuscript MUST be completed and ready for submission. Accepting MG, YA, and Adult--all fiction genres. (NO Erotica or Memoir)

How to Enter:

Step 1: Compose an Email. Address the email to

Step 2: In the subject line put your- Category, Genre, Title, Word Count                                                                         Example: YA, SciFi, The Apollo Academy, Word Count

Step 3: In the body of the email, include your Name, 3 sentence pitch, Answer to question 1, Answer to question 2,  and the first 200 words. Please leave your contact email at the bottom.

  • Remember to answer question 1 and 2 in 2 sentences or less.
  • If the 200th word ends in the middle of a sentence, please finish the sentence.
An automatic delivery receipt will be sent to everyone who enters the contest.

Those who make the first 150 entries after 11EDT on October 24th and follow guidelines will then receive ANOTHER email letting them know they made it into the contest. Please note this second email may take some time to receive.

The top 36 pitches will post at midnight on October 29th and will remain online until midnight October 31st. 12 pitches per blog.

And here are your other hosts...

And a special thanks to our slush divers....


  1. Can't wait to follow this competition! Great work!!

  2. Good Clean fun, ya'll! :)) Thanks for hosting this!