Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat #K4 - ISSUE 339

Title: Issue 339
Category: YA
Genre: Magical Realism
Word Count: 76,000

Comic book character and teen superhero Skye gets fed up watching the comics kill off everyone he loves, so he shoots his author. 

Now he struggles between his identity as a hero and his reality as a murderer as he's caught between his own suffering, and the suffering he's caused.

When the publishing company hires a new writer, Skye must decide whether one more murder will save his world, or damn his soul. 

Question 1: In your MC's voice, what costumed character do you relate most to and why?
"Jason Todd, hands down--that's Batman's second Robin, and man, he had it almost as bad as I do. DC comics killed him off with a brutal beating, and then resurrected him as a deranged freak!" 

Question 2: As an author, what makes your manuscript a tasty treat (aka unique/marketable)?
I'm well-engrained in the subculture of my target audience: comic book collectors, old-school sci fi nerds, and even table top gamers will love the nerdy references, hot action, and the thought-questions that appeal to geeks like me! The deeper questions of minority and female representations in comic books, sensualization of violence, and the author's role in fiction will also appeal to literary and up-market fans. 

First 200 Words:
Writer Greg Amadeus saw nothing wrong when he first glanced up from his laptop: breezy open window, shelves of brand-new action figures, angry youth in a ski mask--

Amadeus stopped typing. He looked again. A teen sat, as still as those action figures, on the rolley-chair on the other side of Amadeus' mahogany desk. Red ink marked over his left eye.

Amadeus jumped a bit and coughed, more annoyed than frightened. You know you've been writing comics too long when weirdly-costumed kids don't surprise you anymore. Amadeus closed his laptop. It occurred to him the kid had said something.

"Excuse me?" Amadeus asked.

"Why would you kill off a superhero's parents, and every girl he's ever loved, like that?" the kid repeated, whispering. His fingers clenched.

Amadeus chuckled, raising an eyebrow. "Back up. I don't usually have signing hours right now. But I do respect that you're a hard-core fan--that's Gavalon costume, you've got on--" He paused, a little disturbed. "I never published my Gavalon story."

"Answer my question, Mr. Writer."

Amadeus stiffened. "Your question. Yes. I'm sorry." He wasn't. He felt disrespected, but he'd tolerate the freak. "Skye: 339, right?" 


"Sold out in comic stores first week. Got us a movie deal! Here."


  1. And a box of Nerds! We comic book geeks have to stick together!

  2. Batman has a soft spot for Jason Todd-esque characters. Have some sour patch kids!