Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Costumed Agents Wish List

I'd like to introduce the fabulous agents that will be participating in our upcoming Halloween contest, Trick or Treat with Agents. Our agents will post comments under their costumed disguises and they can give as many treats, aka manuscript requests, as they wish. Their identities will be revealed October 31st at 6PM EDT.

JEM- Our pink-haired, 80's rock star of an agent represents MG, YA, and Adult.  Right now, JEM is looking for anything besides paranormal. She would really love to see more YA contemp, historical, or high fantasy, Adult contemporary romance, and hilarious MG.  This animated rock star is desperate for a story about storm chasers.

Ms. Harlequin-this black and white masked agent represents PB to YA. (note no PB accepted in this contest) She's disinclined toward edgy, issue-driven YA.  She would love to see YA thrillers and fast-paced plots that keep you guessing; strong literary writing; memorable and unforgettable characters. She loves big lush settings, epic plot lines, exotic locations, and storylines that take her by surprise. Ms. Harlequin loves strong voice-driven projects and beautiful, literary writing. She want stories that matter, that make you think, that lodge inside your head and heart and linger beyond the final page.

"Accio all the Romance!" Ms. Hermione Granger is especially on the lookout for LOVE, whether it's YA or Adult. She's particularly interested in paranormal or historical/regency romance.  She'd also love to see YA contemporary and MG with fantasy/sci fi elements. However, Hermione is completely over MG characters with magical powers. She'd love to see time travel, mythology, dystopian, or stories about competition. Please note Hermione is not into stories that occur after marriage/kids.

Batman- this masked superhero represents MG to Adult, but is especially looking for MG and YA soft science fiction and fantasy (including their sub-genres) with smart, strong characters and a unique twist. Batman would fly into the night for light-hearted, funny, and moving contemporary YAs with a raw, authentic teen voice.

Last, but certainly not least is our scariest costume by far, THE JABBERWOCKY.  This agent's disguise is fitting because The Jabberwocky's favorite manuscripts are usually a combination of dark and whimsy. This Lewis Carroll inspired monster is looking for science fiction, where the science is a major element and fantasy, where the world is not so different from our own. Anything that explores a subculture, devastating love stories,  quirky stories with a strong literary context, and anything whimsical and fun that lets kids be kids. Stories for young girls that celebrate their innocence, characters who are anti-heroes and misfits. And most importantly, dark content of any kind. Please note the Jabberwocky is a children's agent.


  1. What an assortment! One question. Is the Jabberwocky only looking for MG and YA, or adult as well? I love that poem, by the way.

    My slithy toves are as mimsy as borogoves!

  2. Good question. Reading back through that wish list, it's not clear. The Jabberwocky specializes in children's literature: PB, MG, YA fiction and non-fiction. So no adult for The Jabberwocky. However some of our other agents want Adult. Just enter and see if anyone requests a treat ;)

  3. I love this cast and already picked my favorite.

  4. I don't know if any of the agents will be interested in my novel (YA-supernatural), but I guess I'll give it a swing.

  5. Oh. My. Cow. I'm about to faint. If I could combine three of these agents requests into one, I would have the perfect novel for them.

    My question: will the agents be requesting based on the two questions we answer, or will be be posting our pitch/query/first page, too?

    I am so psyched about this...

    1. Hi Talynn,

      Thanks for following along and for the kind words!

      To answer your question, the agents will get to see your 3 sentence pitch, your first 200 words, and the answers to Questions 1 and 2.

      Best of luck!

    2. That is just awesome! I am so excited about this. And by the way, this is such a creative contest. I'm working on my entry now:)

      Hope your week is perfect:)

    3. Yeah, but the agents will only get the see the thirty-six you guys pick out of the 155 chosen, right? Too bad you couldn't just let them scan them all. They may miss something they'd really love to see.

      So excited though to have made it into the 155. Thank you guys for hosting.

  6. I'm so excited! And are you impressed by the fact that I can type with my fingers crossed?