Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone’s a Critic...Including Me

That’s right, I’m saying it.  Everyone is a critic, including me. 
In fact, I’m probably my toughest critic which is probably both a good and bad thing.  It certainly makes me a perfectionist in everything I do, which only means I work really hard to better myself, but it also means I’m sometimes too hard on myself to the point where it’s detrimental.  I’m constantly self analyzing until I’m sure that everything I do just isn’t quite right.
Since my last post I’ve decided to change my outlook on a few things.  I think my trip back to OH this past week to visit some of the best girlfriends I could ever ask for gave me some perspective on myself, my book, and on life in general.  It also helped that another dear friend, who reads about as many young adult books as I do, inhaled my book in about 4 days and had great feedback to give me.  Between these two things it was the boost my self confidence desperately needed to say I don’t care what it takes, my book is great, and I’m going to support it 110% regardless of what anyone else says.
That doesn’t mean I can’t take negative feedback or that the editing process is over.  It just means that I know that everyone will have an opinion and that sometimes they will not be good ones.  It’s not possible for everyone to absolutely agree on everything and that’s certainly the case with books.
Originally I was hesitant to let a few people close to me read my book because I was already going in at a disadvantage.  They don’t read YA and they don’t like science fiction.  That’s two points against my book before they even read the first sentence.   But now, I can say that I’m proud of where my book is at.  Yes it’s still a work in progress because I’m constantly tweaking it, trying to make it better and better, but I’m not sure it will ever be done, until it’s ripped from my hands and printed on paper where I can no longer mold it into the perfect master piece I expect it to be.
Since my last post, I’ve made great headway on a website, and hope to have it up and working very soon.  Just like the book, it’s a constant work in progress.  There are so many ideas jumping around in my head right now about what I want to do with it and at this point some of the ideas will have to wait until I’m farther along in the publishing process.  Patience seems to be a constant theme here.
So I keep repeatedly telling myself to be patient….but patience and I have never gotten along.


  1. You're awesome :)

  2. Ok, so I found this funny blog that goes through the 5 stages of querying for those of you who are wondering how I'm feeling at the moment.

  3. It's like a having a baby, when you're not thinking about it, or trying, then it happens. Don't think about it. TRY and keep your mind off of it, and something will happen. I believe it.