Saturday, January 28, 2012

How it all Started

Really, it's no surprise to my close family and friends that I've decided to write a book, it seems a natural extension of all the things that make me, well me. Since a young age I have always been the more introverted type who would much rather spend free time with a good book than out on the town. In fact now that I'm looking back on it I've always felt words expressed emotions more accurately than actions. I won't cry when something extremely emotional is happening to me, only later when I have to explain the feeling with words, does the extent of my feelings truly register. I didn't cry at my wedding or during the birth of my son, but I know if I were to write down these experiences they would certainly bring tears to my eyes.

I've even handled arguments or apologies in the past with well thought out words. When I'm having a hard time expressing myself to my husband or even my mom or dad, it’s not unusual for me to write them a letter instead of approaching them face to face. It gives me the time to really think about what needs to be said in a non-confrontational way.

My parents also always encouraged me to read. My book interests started in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres and to this day remain my go to genre. On average I'll read 2-3 books a week, and over the years that’s quite a lot of books! I've only just started keeping track of the books I've read on GoodReads, and I've already added over 300 books. It was all of this reading that inspired me to want to write something of my own. I've always imagined the book that would perfectly fit me and I've yet to find it. My favorite books that I'll read over and over are usually those that cross genres, a combination of a fantasy, mystery, romance, and suspense, but still there isn't one that combines all of my interests and that's exactly what I've decided to work on.

It was at the insistence of my husband to give writing a shot several months ago, that finally gave me the courage to give writing a go. Now many months later, I almost have a completed manuscript. At this point I'm not sure I will ever feel ready for someone else to read it because sometimes I love my book and sometimes I hate it. It's been a love hate relationship that I hope to eventually resolve.

My blog posts from this day forward will be about this journey. My journey to finally finish what I started. Soon I'll begin looking for a literary agent in the hopes of publishing my book. I know this will be a daunting task filled with more highs and lows. Those of you that know me well, will realize how hard it will be for me to publicly express a process that will be very personal journey. What if I fail? Now, I'll be publicly failing, which makes it even more terrifying, but I also feel that sharing this process by blogging about it, will make it all easier to handle. Now all I have to do is come up with the courage to press the little "Publish Post' button....

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  1. I think you should go into greater detail about your husband. And his awesomeness. Just sayin.